About Us

The story of Timedix

The story of Timedix is an exciting story about a boy's dream come true. Let's call him Peter. Peter was a young student in England who dreamed of owning one of those luxurious, shiny, massive watches displayed on the illuminated showcases on London's High Streets. With a leather chain, a sapphire coating, a dial with well-known brand logo, and a price that most of the students would find unaffordable.

A few years later, Peter can afford many of these watches. However, he remains fascinated by the idea of making expensive branded accessories an affordable purchase for everyone. With a sense of quality and practicality, Peter looks for ways to find dreamed watches and deliver them quickly and easily to your doorstep.

What Timedix offers:

The idea for Timedix is already a fact. Timedix offers selected branded watches at discounted prices. All our products are 100% original, specially selected timepieces from world famous brands.

We want you to know:

In Timedix you can find liquidation merchandise that has passed a careful inspection by our watch experts. Some of our products are not in a perfect condition. However, in the presence of any defects, they will necessarily be mentioned in the description.

The advantages for you are:

As consumers, we have experienced the inconvenience of slow and clumsy online stores. That's why we tried NOT TO make ours like that. If you want to order quickly and easily - you have the freedom to do so, even without registration.

Just because something is beautiful doesn't mean it's overpriced. We believe that you deserve the best, so we find the best watches and offer them at the lowest possible market price. Check and see! Take advantage of our attractive offers now, because they may not be available again.

Enjoy your shopping!

Timedix Ltd., VAT Number: BG204580061, Address: Plovdiv, 2B Valko Shopov Str., Ground floor, office 1A, Represented by Petar Dyaksov