Be a merchant

Become a merchant

Do you want to get some extra money quick and easy? Then our program “Become a merchant” is just for you! We’re offering you our products at a special wholesale prices. If you have a physical or online shop, or your business is based on dropshipping, then you’re just a step away from offering our watches. Take advantage of our automatic system, based on CSV or XML feed and use our products with only a few clicks.
 This model of work is suitable for those of you who want to avoid the operating work on researching for products, creating professional photographs and specifications. We’re going to leave you the pleasure of getting the product at prices much below those that are on the market, which will definitely help you raise your profits.

It’s suitable for:

Anyone who wants extra money monthly and also wants to increase his/hers profits;

For those who don’t have capital, but really want to start their own online business;

For everyone who wants to work from the comfort of their own home, without managers around or fixed working hours;

For anyone who doesn’t like administration work, or do researches on the market on their own.

For anyone who is worried to order from abroad and is afraid that the ordered item won’t come, or if it comes, it’ll be damaged.

How do we help you:

  • We give you our products at price that is below the market one, so you could increase your profits;
  • We’re saving you time from the research for the best and qualified watches.
  • We offer you a wide range of products from which you can choose those you like and think you can sell afterward. We load new products monthly and they’re available on our website in real time.
  • If you wish we will send you professional photographs for each product you will use. If some products have defects on them, we will provide you photographs that will show the exact problem, so your customers will know exactly what they are buying from you.
  • Fast delivery, and you can be sure that your product will arrive on time.
  • We will provide you a CSV and XML file, in which we will describe the product you have ordered from us (with the titles and quantities of products), so we will save you time from administrative work.
  • We are based on the European Union, so our prices are fixed to the Euro and no additional duties or taxes will follow within the EU zone.
  • For anyone who wants to work with dropshipping – we will help you to avoid the worry about how production will be stored, who will be packing it and how it will be sent to your customers.
  • We are here for your questions every day of the week and you will be able to take a lot of our long experience in the business of branded watches.We’re leaving you the sweetness of working with qualified and original products, which will provide you good profits at the end of the month. Fill out the form on the page and contact us.