Best price Guaranteed

Best price Guaranteed!

Here at Timedix we love to make our customers happy and we always want them to get the best on the market at the lowest possible price. That's why we have created the " Best Price Guaranteed" option, which means that if you find the same watch model on another Bulgarian site at a lower price, we'll sell it to you with a 5% discount on the lowest price you've found.

How do I buy a watch at the best price?

In case you find a specific watch at a lower price than what we offer, send us the information along with a link to the Bulgarian site and we will contact you as soon as possible!

Our mission is to give the opportunity to everyone to own quality watches. We are proud of our low prices and are ready to prove that the customer comes first not the profit!

* Only for Bulgarian sites that offer original products of proven origin. Not applicable for group shopping websites and online bazaars (,,, etc.). * The status of the product should be the same for both products (example: "like new" or "brand new" on our website and in another online store the status should be "new")