How to clean a silicone watch strap  

siliconeTrue watch lovers know the feeling of carefully looking for, researching, and choosing a watch until you find the one that fits all of your criteria and your style. Then it quickly becomes your favorite accessory.  And to keep it in the same condition that you bought it in, it is important to take care of it. This way your watch will be with you for a long time. What if our watch has a silicone strap?

One of the things you should do to take care of your watch is to clean it and polish it frequently and carefully. Depending on the type of strap of your watch, the way of cleaning varies. One of the most used, comfortable, and practical watch straps is the silicone one. It is the perfect choice for people who love the active lifestyle and sports style. But under the wrong maintenance, the silicone strap might get darker or wear off.

How to clean a silicone strap? 

As we already mentioned, when you wear it for a long time, the silicone strap of your watch might get darker or even colored from some of your clothes. If you notice this, it is good to take measures immediately because after a while the darkening can be irreversible. Use warm water, delicate soap, and a soft sponge or a brush. Put the water and soap in a convenient container, remove the strap from your watch, and soak it for a few minutes in the water. After that, gently clean it. One of the advantages of the silicone straps is that they do not scratch easily. However, be careful with the cleaning especially if your strap has any writings or graphics as they could get erased. After you have cleaned it, dry it well.

In case you notice more stubborn dark or colored spots, a useful trick is to use some baking soda. It is delicate and can remove impurities. Just sprinkle some on the dirty spot, gently brush it and then rinse it off.

Try to do this procedure frequently, especially if your watch is constantly on your wrist. The inevitable dust from the urban environment, hand creams, perfumes, and sweat can affect the strap of your watch. And even if it is water-resistant, be careful when you are washing your hands or you are damping it. If this happens, wipe it thoroughly to avoid any traces of droplets or spots when dry. 

The prophylactic maintenance of your accessory might sound a bit monotonous or even annoying. But remember that this will pay off and your watch will look like new for years. This way you could enjoy it and feel good whenever you look at the time. 


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