What is a quartz watch?

What is a quartz watchClocks and watches mechanism to most of us is a mystery. How do all tiny parts and components work together in the perfect system so that the pretty accessory on your wrist shows the time? Of course, this depends on the type of watch. Basically, watches are either mechanical or quartz. Nowadays, most of the watches on the market are quartz. So if you have one, most probably it is this type. But why is this type of watch the most common? The answer is because of their accuracy.

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How do quartz watches work?

In order for your quartz watch to work, it needs a tiny battery. The quartz watch is powered from this battery which then makes the components work and moves the arrows. One of the biggest advantages of these watches is that this small battery is very durable and can be changed only once every few years. And as the name suggests, quartz watches use a quartz crystal. The battery sends electricity through that crystal, which then makes the quartz vibrate.  Also moves the mechanism and makes the arrow move.


The first quartz clock was made in 1927 but it is first used for hand watches in 1969 by the Japanese giant Seiko. The accuracy and reliability of this type of watches are revolutionary and pretty soon the take over the market. Unlike their mechanical predecessors, quartz watches do not need to be wound. Another big advantage of quartz watches is that they are very accurate. Gravity, movements and for some models even impact do not affect their mechanism. Аnd do not let the watch run too fast or too slow.


And if you think that with all these plus sides quartz watches must be expensive, we are here to tell you that it is exactly the opposite. Quartz watches do not need any special attention and their maintenance and repair are cheap. The quartz crystal is, in fact, one of the most common elements on Earth and that is why its use in watches is so affordable. With all these advantages it is no surprise that quartz watches today take almost 90% of all watches that are manufactured. Simple, reliable and durable, you cannot go wrong with them.

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