Why shouldn’t we give a watch as a gift? Myths and legends

Gift watch

Most of us have heard that one of the things that we should never give is the watch. This unwritten law counts mostly for our significant other or our closest people. But where does this statement come from? Is it even proofed with facts or true reasons?

Why has it become a popular belief that we are obligated to deprive our loved ones of such an amazing gift? In this article, we will understand this, so if you are curious, then keep reading.

Origin of the belief

There are many theories about why we should not give a watch to someone. Some of them include the belief that giving this object to our loved one will surely lead to a breakup. Others think that watches as gifts bring negative energy to the person or the home that receives them. Third ones are even darker and think that after we give someone a watch, it starts counting down the minutes to the moment when something terrible will happen.

There are also people who believe that watches attract demons and bad spirits. All those things can be simply summarized with the superstition that a gifted watch brings bad luck. But where did this belief come from?

The answer is from ancient China. Even though this superstition came from the far East centuries ago. Today it is widely spread in Europe as well as other parts of the world. The reason why Chinese people believe that we should not give watches is that the Chinese hieroglyph for the word watch is very similar to the one for death. Logically, people thought that a watch does not bring wishes for health and happiness but on the contrary.

Again from this country comes the belief that watches are against the Chinese art for harmony and prosperity feng shui. In this art every object is seen as a source of energy. Good or bad that can help or harm the people who live in the house. For people who live according to feng shui, the watch, especially if it is old, is one of the objects that have negative vibrations.


It is also thought that if someone happens to give you a watch, then it should be a person close to you, a friend or someone who loves you. In the same spirit, you should not accept a watch from a stranger because it is thought that only a watch from someone who truly cares about you won’t bring you bad luck or misfortune.

And just like we as people created the superstition that a watch should not be gifted, we have also come to the conclusion that there is an exception when we can accept such a gift. In case someone has never heard of the superstition and decides to surprise us, the way we can neutralize the negative energy is to simply “buy” the watch. The price that is usually paid after someone gives a watch is purely symbolic. And only aims to turn the gift into something that we buy for ourselves. You can see watches for gift here: https://timedix.bg


Everyone can decide if this is a superstition or not. However, facts are that fewer and fewer people believe in these things and that more people give or receive watches for special occasions. Nowadays, this amazing accessory is a symbol of elegance, love, and affection. And who knows, maybe within a few years people will believe it brings good luck?

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