Frequently asked questions

  1. Are watches on the site original?

    Yes! All products on the website are 100% original, guaranteed origin and proven quality, with no exceptions and compromises.

  2. What is the difference between qualities of watches in every category?

    Quality depends on what condition each accessory is. All products on the site are 100% original. Each of our watches has a certificate that guarantees their quality, depending on the category selection:

    • “Brand New” - excellent condition in original brand box, no defects, scratches or any watch remarks.
    • “Like new” - the product has perfect condition with no watch remarks, but the condition of the box may not be perfect for Timedix's new product standards.
    • “In very good condition” - the product has minimal flaws or remarks on surface, some defects in large part, large part of the non-portable eye, there are very slight traces of use or the original packaging (box) has been replaced (or missing) to protect the product better, we put them in category "in very good condition"
    • “Good condition” - the product has large remarks or defects, missing mechanical parts, we marked the product condition with label "good". It is possible that the original packaging (box) is replaced or missing.
    • “Used (Acceptable condition)” - the product has defects of use, including scratches, dents, or other aesthetic problems, we put this item in the "used - acceptable condition" category. It is possible the original packaging (box) and and the original instructions to be replaced or missing.
  3. How long will take my order to arrive?

    The delivery period is 1 to 3 business days after the order is been accepted, depending on the your location. Forwarding company that cares about your order is ECONT.

    If you place an order before 4pm, it usually arrives on the next business day.

    If your order has items with Pre-order status, then your order it will be executed within 2 to 5 business days.

  4. I made an order but did not receive an email on my e-mail. Is my order successful?

    No! If you have not received an automatic e-mail in your e-mail, it means that you have failed to complete successfully your order. All you have to do is to go back to the site, follow the steps, and confirm your order. To finalize the order you only have to mark that you agree with "Terms of Use" and click "Confirm Order".If your order is successfully accepted, you will receive an automatic email with confirmation from us.

  5. Can I return/replace order and how long it will takes?

    • Yes you can, but first you need to know our replace-return conditions! To return already bought product you have ONLY 14 days after you receive your order. Send the product you want to return at Econt office in Pleven, San Stefano 31B, 5812. Timedix does not cover shipping costs.
    • 100% refund is made by bank transfer after your order have been returned with a receipt and checked by our employee only if the trade description or the integrity of the product is not damaged ( include packaging, removed labels and others), in accordance with the provisions of Art. 55 of the CPA.
    • If the payment is made with a bank card, the refund will happened by ordering reverse transaction on the card with which the payment was made, within 7 days.
    • Partial compensation will be granted if there are found commercial damages of use. .
    • If you forget to make advanced notification of return product, Timedix reserves the right to refuse a claim.
    • For a dispute that can’t be resolved with our online store, you can contact the ODR site.
    • Product replacements are send only to Econt’s offices in the country, with delivery covered by Timedix.